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Overcome the Challenges that Life Throws Your Way

It’s time to reframe mental illness, humanize homelessness, and lend a hand to our fellow community members.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

GAP Assistance

Fill the gap when you need it most.

Sometimes, homelessness occurs because of circumstances. Individuals who fall a little too short a little too often are most at risk of experiencing temporary homelessness.


This is where DSquared can help.


We provide flexible financial assistance to help you pay the rent when you experience a temporary setback and have a verifiable, consistent source of income.


For the Seriously Mentally Ill (with a consistent income), this help can make the difference between having a place to call home and living on the streets.

Approval or denial will be done on a case by case basis, and we reserve the right to refuse services to anyone.


Dsquared received a special case for help from a high school student who was trying to graduate with her high school diploma for two years. An issue with a housing grant caused the S.M.I. client to be late on rent due to funding not being renewed, which also affected the disconnected electricity. Due to the electricity and rent balance, this client was in a tight spot and facing eviction. The client was not working as they were trying to focus on school to obtain their high school diploma for better opportunities. As I worked the case, the principal worked with locals to collect funds, but it was unsuccessful. At this point, the principal wrote a referral letter to ensure the client is set to graduate in May. Dsquared assisted by ensuring we cleared the balance of the electric bill and paid two months' rent. The client was happy and had returned home from a friend's house due to the lack of heat and the inability to take a hot shower or keep fresh food. This is not your typical story, but it is a part of Dsquared for the homeless why. 

Plarn Program

Hands-on with Sustainable Help that Matters


Volunteers can help us turn recycled plastic grocery bags into sleeping mats for the homeless. It’s something small, but to someone in need–it’s a lot. Through the Plarn program, volunteers crochet or weave sleeping mats from plastic grocery bags.


Sleeping mats help:

✔ Provide insulation and warmth in the cold.

✔ Offer a barrier to protect from damp conditions.

✔ Cushioning for comfort.

✔ Improve hygiene and sanitation.

✔ Protect from pests.

✔ Provide durable, reusable, and transportable relief.

Dignity Bag Program

Delivering Essential Care and Comfort Items to the Homeless Across Arizona


Through the Dignity Bag Program, we provide common hygiene and comfort items to the homeless in our communities. This program provides a bridge between our teen volunteers and our community members in need.

Youth Development

Build Skills, Build a Community, Build a Future

Prevention starts with you. Join our youth program and get involved–you’ll get so much more!

DSquared offers the opportunity to get involved to all youth ages 14-18 years old, regardless of need or background.


Be a part of a program that takes prevention full circle. Volunteer with DSquared Homes for the Homeless where you will learn about our community and our cause. Every volunteer hour clocked is an investment in your future.


You’ll gain valuable hands-on experience that builds empathy, communication skills, teamwork, project management, and much more. Plus, you’ll make friends and build relationships. And, you’ll earn points that you can cash in for continued education. It’s a win-win-win!


Invest your education points in fulfilling learning opportunities that will help you build useful, employable skills for success in adulthood.

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