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Ways to Give

Your generous support will fund our mission and 100% of your donations are used to supply our hygiene bags with basic living necessities. 


Your generous donation enables us to create sustainable, affordable housing out of containers for Veterans and those diagnosed with mental health challenges. 

The Gap Program:

Prevention of homelessness by partnering with Case Managers to provide rental assistance for independent living SMI clients experiencing a temporary setback so 


Your monthly gift is activated on any DONATE link and will be dispersed in a manner that provides measurable data and ensures contributors see a return on their investment.

Sponsor a set of Dignity Hygiene Bags

Make an immediate impact through our homeless outreach ministry by sponsoring a backpack. Your logo is added to our bags, which are filled with basic life necessities and delivered directly to the under-served populations.


Your logo design will be 9"w by 3"h, vector images are preferred.


Contact: for details.

The Arizona Tax Credit

Qualifying Charitable Organization
Effective March 26th, 2021. Dsquared Homes for The Homeless is a qualifying charitable organization, and will appear on the published list of 2021 QCOs on the Arizona Department of Revenue website. 


Please choose QCO code 22292 to take a credit for donations made to Dsquared Homes for The Homeless

Image by Austin Kehmeier

More ways to help:

In-kind donations

Donations can be shipped to:


Dsquared Homes For The Homeless

90 S Kyrene Rd, Suite 4 

Chandler, AZ 85226 

Signup as a volunter or fundraiser.

Share the campaign registration link with your peers so they can register as fundraisers and fundraise for our programs..

Gofund Me campaign

Become a Sponsor
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