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Plastic Water Bottles

DSquared Vending for Change

A Revolution in Supporting the Homeless and Protecting Our Planet

With DSquared’s unique vending machine program, your desire to aid those in need merges seamlessly with sustainable practices that nurture our environment and community. Together, let’s weave a network of care that spans sustainability and social support.

A Unique Impact

Convenience in Giving

Purchase pre-filled hygiene bags from our vending machines, eliminating the time spent shopping, packing, and distributing donations individually.

A Sustainable Solution

By supporting our vending program, you’re not just helping the homeless but also championing a sustainable approach to giving that minimizes waste and resource usage.

Support Beyond the Bag

Your contribution doesn’t stop at the hygiene bag. With each purchase, a portion of the proceeds is channeled towards building transitional housing for youth emerging from the foster care system - because every young soul deserves a place to call home.


Launching Our Pilot Program

Be Part of the Change!

Embrace a green future while tendering to the immediate needs of our community with the DSquared Vending Program.


  • Effortless Giving: Skip the hassle of shopping and bag packing, and select from our specially curated, pre-filled hygiene bags.

  • Business Partnerships: Host a DSquared Vending Machine and become a pivotal part of a program that harmoniously merges charitable giving with eco-friendly practices.

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