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Passion That Sustains Your Purpose

Sheila Arrington Ministries is hosting her annual Purposely Designed Conference!

All women can benefit from this conference, but it’s specifically for YOU if you started the year off ready to answer the call on your life but have been wondering if you're walking in God’s calling or your own!

It’s also for YOU if you're ready to join a movement of Faith Filled Women living their purpose.

I can testify that support from other Kingdom Business Leaders makes a difference in my walk. Not only do they understand why I’m making the decisions I feel led to make, they also provide clarity when I’m unsure which path to take.

Dsquared Homes for the Homeless is proud to receive the proceeds from the Sheila Arrington Ministries Purposely Designed Conference!

Join us to clarify your calling while supporting the Gap Prevention of Homelessness program! Thanks to the community, we have prevented homelessness for 95 individuals so far! (You can sign up for your recurring $10 donation to the GAP program at

Tickets are available at:

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