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Meet Number 47

Normally I don’t share the info of the clients we help, and certainly not photos! This client, however, was open to sharing so Dsquared Homes for the Homeless GAP supporters could see who their money was going to for rental assistance.

I met D earlier this year at the Tempe Resource Fair. He was homeless and working, and I told him to call me when he found a place and had money saved to move in. Friday, April 5th was move day and he said thank you to all who have contributed towards his rental deposit!

D will need some items for his new apartment so stay tuned for a list! Also, stay tuned for our podcast interview! We will share our views on homelessness so society knows the truth about it, which is that most of us are one crisis away from it.

Support our GAP program by signing up for your $10, $20, or any monthly recurring donation of your choice at!

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