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Here We Grow Again!

It's hard to believe Dsquared Homes for the Homeless is turning five in March! Most nonprofits don't last three years! I didn't understand why, but experience has been a great educator! There's nothing easy about building a nonprofit, especially finding the right team! The fact that we are still here, despite the MANY trials, is a true testament to God!

That being said, DSquared has the following volunteer opportunities available :

Board Secretary

Fundraising Director

Volunteers to support our Marketing Director

Volunteers to support our new Mental Wellness Director

Graphic Designer (or the ability to create engaging, eye-catching flyers on Canva)

Many people prefer to start their own nonprofits, not realizing how much work (and sometimes pure torture, lol) it can be, instead of joining forces with a nonprofit with a similar mission.

I don't subscribe to that thought process. We are stronger together, and I believe in collaboration over competition. Our mission is mental wellness, homelessness prevention, and educating our youth on both stigmas. If that's yours, let's talk!

Learn more about us at and submit your resume to

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