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Flaunt Your Dsquared Love With A T-shirt From Our Mental Health Awareness Month Fundraiser!

Mental Health Awareness month has been observed in May in the United States since 1949. It provides a timely reminder that mental health is essential and that those living with mental health issues deserve care, understanding, compassion, and pathways to hope, healing, recovery, and fulfillment.

I started this nonprofit because mental illness runs in my family, and I decided to be a part of the solution and change my family tree!

Click on the link below and select from 9 styles with five bold color options![0]=AT0zQxxjgvcPQj6A-C0XZxNxW69N1VZ2OMG2kcNShmaM9RLYH4QB-CytfUogfFtMLBdU2a09JCyrr-UGDezrY6ZGrcfy6UAgwBWA3KCpaJ3cDVPYVByFSCYiLS_ufMtLuZtjBBP0Qoi9T36tD2sAO6Lyj5w

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